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Sony JJtron Indoor LED Bildwand. Sehr gutes SONY Videobild. Einzelstück
Bilder vergrößern.
Signal processing partial 12 bit
Viewing angle Horizontal 145°
Device Full colour one-chip SMD type LED
Viewable picture area (W/H) 2560 x 1920 mm
Brightness 1,000 cd/m2 (white peak initial value)
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Waterproofing Not applicable (indoor use only)
Colour system NTSC/PAL/SECAM automatic switching

49.900 ] €

Technische Daten
Pixel Pitch8mm x8mm 15,625 Pixel m²
Gewicht310 kg
Helligkeit1000 cd/qm
Bildgrösse netto2560x1920mm
Abmessungen2700 x 2060 x 270 mm

*Gebrauchtes Gerät im Kundenauftrag.
Sony Indoor LED Bildwand. Sehr gute Bildqualität, sehr zuverlässig und einfach anschliessbar. Ehemaliger Neupreis ca € 261.000. Einzelstück zum Hammerpreis mit 2 Jahren Gewährleistung

Combining the latest in signal processing and LED technology, this new display medium brings your advertising to
life. Gone are boring, stationary billboards and posters. Now you can use bright, eye-catching moving visuals for
maximum impact in communicating with your customers. Use the JJTRON Display System for information displays
and take advantage of Sony expertise in high-quality image reproduction. The bright LED screen and signal
processing unit are self-contained in one unit, so just connect your JJTRON to a wide range of outstanding Sony
audio/video products for a most impressive display.

High brilliance is achieved with
the use of the latest
development in 8 mm pitch
Surface Mounted Device type
LEDs, with each pixel made up
of individual Red, Green and
Blue LEDs. This enables the
JJTRON to present pictures of
high quality even when viewed
at close range - an essential feature for
advertising in a limited indoor space.

Colour Compensation
The colour compensation circuit developed by
Sony provides improved colour reproduction. It
compensates for unnatural colour reproduction
to create the image with more natural colour. The
colour reproduction area can be chosen
according to use from LED, NTSC and EBU.

Partial 12-bit Digital Processing
The 12-bit image processing technology is
adopted in the signal processing unit of the
JJTRON, substantially reducing digital noise that
can be particularly noticeable when reproducing
areas of low luminance. As a result, the images
are stable and noise-free.
Control Unit and Inputs
All functions of the JJTRON are easily controlled
with the supplied wired remote controller.
Wireless operation is also available with an
optional remote control receiver installed.
Certain basic functions can also be controlled
from the control panel on the cabinet. Various
adjustments and settings can be made via the
on-screen menu, and RS-422 interface is also
provided. The JJTRON is equipped with a double
scanned RGB input, and an optional video board
is available for system flexibility.
3 mm
3 mm
8 mm
8 mm

Lightweight and Thin
The JJTRON is both lightweight, approx. 310 kg
(64 kg/m2) and thin - just 27 cm deep. Thus,
superb images can be enjoyed with minimal
space requirement. And, with installation handles
equipped on the rear side, the JJTRON can be
mounted from the ceiling, on a wall, or used in a
stand-alone style.
High Contrast, High Reliability
The JJTRON provides high contrast and
reliability with its newly developed “Black Mask”.
This Black Mask surrounds the individual LED
elements to maximise picture contrast, and the
picture quality is unsurpassed in bringing sharp,
vivid colours to large screen display systems. In
addition the Black Mask helps to protect LED
elements from mechanical damage, and as LEDs
are also prone to damage from static electricity, an
aluminium steel plate is positioned behind the
Black Mask to conduct any static charges to
ground the unit*.
*Patent pending
All-in-one Unit Design
The JJTRON is the first LED full colour, large screen
display in which the screen, processor, and
connectors are all in one package. Therefore, this
126-inch* large-screen display is easy to handle in all
situations: shipping, transporting and installing. All
you have to do is plug in a power source and a signal
source and you are ready to show great visuals. The
JJTRON is a “Plug & Play System”, designed to

Bright Display for Indoor
The JJTRON has a brightness level of
1,000 cd/m2, making it ideal for indoor
applications - even in conditions of indirect
sunlight. The brightness ratio is approximately 3
to 5 times more than that of typical indoor
displays. With its bright, eye-catching moving
images the JJTRON is a powerful advertising and
promotional tool for your organisation.